Friday, August 22, 2008

Knowledge - What is it really ?

We speak of knowledge in the sense of the words of the Oracle at Delphi : "Know Thyself". This means that we are speaking of Insight or Self - knowledge, not a mere accumulation of information. This is to speak of knowledge in its most profound sense. Through meditation and other practices, we begin to acquire a firm sense of who we really are. We find a place on which we stand in the Creation. This is not a set of beliefs. This is certainty. As with many processes on the path to realisation, the "acquisition" of this knowledge consists not in adding more and more information to our poor overloaded minds but the gentle process of letting go. As we dive deep in meditation, the cares and anxieties of daily life fall away and we settle into the state of calm observation. We learn to observe ideas arise in mind and fall away and begin to recognise that they no longer hold us in their power. This is Moksha, Liberation.

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