Sunday, August 10, 2008

Philosophy - The Love of Wisdom

Good Morning and welcome to my Philosophy Blog. My name is Dominic Mulvey and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I have been a student of Philosophy since 1980 and have decided to share the fruits of my studies on this Blog.

Let me start by defining Philosophy as the love of Wisdom. Throughout the ages people have always craved better ways to do things, better ways to live, wiser ways to organise their lives. This is a love of wisdom.

It is one thing to crave wisdom and a whole other thing altogether to actively seek it out. Unlike many philosophers, I do not believe in Philosophy as an intellectual subject. My stand is to take a practical approach to the subject. To that end I impose a test on everything. When presented with a proposition, I will apply this simple rule : Not to accept it nor to reject it but to attempt to put it into practice to see if there is truth in it or not.

What shall we choose for our first proposition ?

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